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2009 Lunar Regolith Simulant Workshop


Simulant 101 Course

Presenter Company Presentation Title pdf icon
D. Rickman NASA / MSFC Lunar Regolith/Simulant 101 Course Intro
J. Edmunson   Lunar History
Presentation | Document
J. Allton NASA / JSC Lunar Samples: Apollo Collection Tools, Curation Handling, Surveyor III and Soviet Luna Samples
-- Presentation | Lunar Samples
    Post-Apollo Lunar Missions and Datasets
B. Cohen NASA / MSFC Lunar Samples: Lunar Meteorites
C. Schrader NASA / MSFC Terrestrial and Lunar Geological Terminology
-- Presentation | Document
S. Noble NASA / MSFC The Lunar Regolith
-- Presentation | Document
J. Gaier NASA / GRC What We do Not Know and Probably Need to Know (About the Regolith)
-- Presentation | Document
D. Stoeser USGS Lunar Regolith Simulants (Feedstocks, Existing Simulants, New Methods for Developing Feedstock)
-- Presentation
S. Wilson USGS Simulant Processing
-- Presentation
B. Gustafson Orbitec JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant - Production Summary and Lessons Learned
-- Presentation
D. Rickman NASA / MSFC Elements of Regolith Simulant’s Cost Structure
-- Presentation | Document

Day 2-3 Presentations

Presenter Company Presentation Title pdf icon
Day 2
C. Clinton NASA / MSFC Welcome, Overview, Objectives
C. McLemore NASA / MSFC Lunar Simulant Development &
Characterization Task
B. Gustafson Orbitec JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant
Availability and Characterization
S. Wilson & D. Stoeser USGS NASA/USGS Lunar Highland Regolith Simulant Development
L. Sigurdson
J. Richard
Development of CHENOBI Lunar
Highlands Regolith Simulant
B. Gustafson Orbitec Developing Lunar Dust Simulants:
Current Status and Plans
C. Schrader NASA / MSFC Overview of Figure of Merit analyses of
Simulants and the Fit-to-Use Matrix
R. Mueller NASA / KSC Effects of Regolith Simulant Properties on an Experiment:
ROxygen Phase I Input Hopper
Reduced Gravity Flight - Houston, TX
D. McKay NASA / JSC Simulants—are we on the right path?
C. McLemore NASA / MSFC 2008 Lunar Regolith & Simulant Users Survey Results
J. Stecklein NASA / JSC Lunar Surface Systems Architecture Overview
J. Stecklein NASA / JSC Lunar Surface Systems Simulant Needs
M. Rucker NASA / JSC Altair
N. Mary NASA /
D. Brudos NASA / JSC NIETIG Integrated Dust Strategy
M. Hyatt NASA / GRC ELS Project - Atmospheric Particulate Management
D. Barta NASA / JSC ELS - Dust Mitigation Tasks and Simulant Needs
P. Abel NASA / GRC ETDP / Structures, Materials, & Mechanisms Project
Projected Simulant Testing Needs
S. Tucker NASA / MSFC Cryogenic Fluid Management (CFM)
B. Larson NASA / KSC NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization Project
R. Mueller NASA / KSC Regolith & Simulant Applications, Quantities & Schedule
Day 3
N. Khan-Mayberry NASA / JSC Lunar Airborne Dust Toxicity Assessment Group
S. Morman USGS In Vitro Bioaccessibility studies of lunar regolith simulant
P. Craven NASA / MSFC Lunar Environment Test System (LETS) System Development
K. Shaw NASA / GRC Facility Assessment Testing with JSC1-a
D. McKay NASA / JSC Large Construction and Excavation Subgroup Summary

Note: All presentations are posted with author's permission.

For more information, please contact:
ISFR/ISRU Program Manager: Carole A. McLemore
(256) 544-2314

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