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Apollo Curation Lab Visit - November 2007

Some members of our ISRU Team recently traveled to Johnson Space Center for several meetings. As part of the Apollo meeting, the group received an exclusive tour of the Apollo Curation Lab and wre allowed to view actual moon rocks in the gloveboxes and visit the vault where most of the lunar samples are stored. Several of the geologists examined actual lunar thin sections. The ISRU Team expresses much gratitude to JSC/ARES/Dan Garrison and his team for setting up this rare opportunity, and to Andrea who patiently explained everything in the Curation Lab.

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IMG_0271 IMG_0271 IMG_0296 IMG_0297
IMG_0309 IMG_0313 IMG_0316 IMG_0318
IMG_0327 IMG_0343 IMG_0345 IMG_0359
IMG_0366 IMG_0381    


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